Qurbani auction 18 July at Liba Auctioneers in Hartswater
DescriptionWe will have our annual Qurbani auction on Thursday 18 July
Sheep and goats on auction Tuesday
DescriptionWe will have a goats and sheep auction this coming Tuesday
Horses on auction 8 May
DescriptionNot only will there be cattle on auction on Wednesday 8 May, there will also be horses and mules on auction Be sure not to miss the auction
1000s of goats and sheep on auction this Tuesday
DescriptionWe will have 1000s of Goats and Sheep on auction this coming Tuesday
2500 Goats and sheep on auction next Tuesday
DescriptionWe will have 2500 goats and sheep on auction next Tuesday
Sheep and goats on Auction on Tuesdays
DescriptionOur small stock auctions has moved to Tuesdays
Livestock auction Wednesdays
DescriptionCattle will be on auction on Wednesdays